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JavaScript Lint 0.3.0 Released

Fri, 03 Nov 2006 20:32:42 +0000

This version has also been released for Intel Macs.


  • Add support for JScript's function extensions, such as function window.onload() {} and function window::onload(). (This is disabled by default.)
  • Add a /*jsl:pass*/ control comment to suppress warnings about empty statementss.
  • Add a /*jsl:declare*/ control comment to suppress warnings about undeclared identifiers.
  • Warn against trailing comments in array initializers.
  • Warn against assignments to function calls (for example, alert() = 10).
  • Warn against calls to parseInt without a radix parameter.
  • Warn against implicit type conversion when comparing against true or false.
  • Clarify the warning against with statements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix syntax error on nested comments.
  • Fix duplicate case warning.
  • Fix insuppressible increment/decrement warning.
  • Fix incorrect warning against invalid /*jsl:fallthru*/ comment.
  • Fix undeclared identifiers in with statements.

Update: Corrected post title.

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